Print Reinvented

As we thought print was dying, super-exclusive Plethora Magazine show the way forward.

Plethora Magazine issue 5 Aurum Luna.
As we thought print was dying, super-exclusive Plethora Magazine show the way forward.

Plethora Magazine is an independent, biannual publication founded in Copenhagen. More akin to a curated selection of fine art prints the magazine serves up a novel and thought-provoking take on the approach to printed matter which is both infinitely slower than your average glossy mag and excessive enough in format to seriously put the size of any coffee table to the test. The magazine is physically impressive with its 70×50 cm measurements. Luckily Plethora Magazine also produces a useful, stylish bag to carry it home in …

The Plethora Magazine Horisaki Bag.

While it has become both easier and more accessible (and thus more relevant) to take part in news from the art and design world through online magazines or social media, printed magazines need to find another approach to justify its existence. Although traditional, ad-filled “glossy mags” still very much exist, they have become less and less relevant. For us to actually purchase, and allow them space in our homes, printed products need to be something other, something more, than what you can consume online the minute it´s published, free of charge. Print today leaves one wanting well written, thought provoking texts, carefully curated content, beautifully printed to make you want to collect them, and display them in your home.

That is the niche in which Plethora Magazine operates. Their books and magazine editions are, according to their website, printed by the monks of a Hindu temple, paying homage to artisanal printing tradition and offers a new vision for the future expression of print – along with an ode to all the things left behind by fast track digitization and industrialized reproduction. Plethora Magazine has no noise, no ads and no logos, just 52 pages of poster-size visual indulgence, interesting tales, and amazing art prints.

Plethora Magazine and books are published by Editor-In Chief Peter Steffensen and art directed by Benjamin Wernery and you can order them online or find retailers here.

Plethora Magazine issue 4 Of Waves And Ripples.
Plethora Artist Edition Series; Jean-Michel Basquiat by Nicholas Taylor.
Plethora Magazine issue 6 Anima Mundi.
Plethora Magazine issue 1 Flatlands.
Custom Plethora stationary kit in Stasi Green.
Plethora Artist Edition Series; The Weight of a Feather by Henrik Capetillo.
Plethora Magazine issue 7 Automation.