Aromatic Wood pt2: Urnatur

You can’t get here by car. And if candles as your only light source, fire as your only heat source and eating things found in the woods freak you out, this might not be your cup of tea. Otherwise you might be ready for a holiday at the Wood Hermitage.


Aromatic Wood pt1: Forest Shower

Cedar, Cypress, Juniper, Sandalwood … Take a slow walk in the forest and enjoy your true, free gifts from nature. Or find inspiration in these aromatic perfumes, oils and potions.


Searching for Chanterelles

By this time of year we should all be out searching for that Yellow Gold; the Chanterelles. September is harvest-time!


A Certain “I Don’t Know What”

Perfumer David Seth Moltz likes to tell stories through perfume. Narratives that progresses as the base, middle and top notes unfolds. “Perfume is armchair travel”, according to D.S. & Durga.

Where Nothing Grows

Dead blooms are everywhere now and we love them for all the right reasons; they are low-maintenance (after all they are already dead), highly sustainable and very, very lovely.

A Desert Loom

The days get shorter, colors both deepen and fade. Rust, sand, dry grass, and of course, the descending sun are at the core of this inspiration.


Summer Blonde

Sun bleached, strawberry, golden, ashy, or platinum. There’s definitely a blonde to suit everyone.

Navigating the Minimal Aesthetics

A warm, subdued and moody setting. Norm Architects show how minimal interiors can be warm and cosy, while still highly functional on board Bella, a brand new 22 metres yacht.

Campfire Cowboy

Few things are more relaxing than staring into the fire, zipping a whiskey and sleeping under the bare sky. So take it outside, into the wilderness or just to your backyard.