Round shapes that seem lit from within. Calming, inspiring and beautiful – just like the moon.

To Master the Shadows

Photography is all about mastering the light and controlling it through the lens. “Painting with light” some say. In that scenario, the absence of light must be your canvas. Fashion photographer Paolo Roversi works within this context.

Dark vs Light

November will get dark here in Scandinavia. It always does. A time to light up dormant lamps throughout the house and bring out the lanterns and candles. It is a battle between light and dark and this month, Folk Paper will step into the shadows.

The Story of The Fabulist

With an amazing line of fresh skin care, hair care and home scents, Aesop has created a new school in marketing. Aesop –The Book tells the story of the brand.

Get in Row

Everything the Olsen twins design for their label The Row appears timeless and incredibly luxurious. Get one of their coats and you are set for life, coatwise. A very valid mindset as we all need to severely cut back on consumption.


A New Office pt2: The Bag

Working on that novel while commuting to your day job? What’s in your bag when you use it as your office? Whatever it is it better be inspiring.

Settling down

The Krautkopf´s Settler House is a dream in natural materials, lived-in surfaces and carefully curated objects. Here the couple have found the piece and quiet (and gardening work) that´s so hard to come by in their native Berlin.

A New Office pt1: Natural Surroundings

Well into the fall and we could all use some pick-me-ups to get through until spring. So hang your coat up on a branch, bring in some fresh flowers and keep meetings brief on wooden chairs. And if all else fails; sniff your cannabis candle (don’t smoke it).


Gutai pt1: Kazuo Shiraga

Suspended above the canvas, moving paint around with his feet, Kazuo Shiraga created spectacular artwork, often with an audience. He was one of the most prominent artists of the Japanese movement Gutai that has has gained new recognition in recent years.