Category: Interior

Settling down

The Krautkopf´s Settler House is a dream in natural materials, lived-in surfaces and carefully curated objects. Here the couple have found the piece and quiet (and gardening work) that´s so hard to come by in their native Berlin.


Reiwa pt7: A Floral Surface

Japan flowers is a collection of Oriental floral carpets created by Sergey Makhno Architects of Ukraine. In an effort to capture Japanese nature they have created an impressive garden of chrysanthemum, magnolia, peony, orange flower, camellia and more.


The Sorokin Files pt1: 11 Howard

Anna Sorokin finally got her day in court. She stole from the rich and gave to … well, herself. And that will rarely go unpunished. Not much remains untold, but what Folk Paper really want to know is this; what is it like to live at 11 Howard for four months?