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A New Office pt2: The Bag

Working on that novel while commuting to your day job? What’s in your bag when you use it as your office? Whatever it is it better be inspiring.

A New Office pt1: Natural Surroundings

Well into the fall and we could all use some pick-me-ups to get through until spring. So hang your coat up on a branch, bring in some fresh flowers and keep meetings brief on wooden chairs. And if all else fails; sniff your cannabis candle (don’t smoke it).


Searching for Chanterelles

By this time of year we should all be out searching for that Yellow Gold; the Chanterelles. September is harvest-time!

A Desert Loom

The days get shorter, colors both deepen and fade. Rust, sand, dry grass, and of course, the descending sun are at the core of this inspiration.


Summer Blonde

Sun bleached, strawberry, golden, ashy, or platinum. There’s definitely a blonde to suit everyone.

Campfire Cowboy

Few things are more relaxing than staring into the fire, zipping a whiskey and sleeping under the bare sky. So take it outside, into the wilderness or just to your backyard.

Travel Fresh

Feeling fresh while in transit can be a challenge for most of us. These super crisp items might help.


Loud and Clear

Being the most calming and serene of colors it´s surprising how intense blue can be. We’ve paired it with brass, gold and fresh stripes for the ultimate statement.