Category: Context: Blues


Blue Remedy

Copper Peptides, turning skin serums blue as the heaven above, have been on skincare nerds´ radar for a while. Turns out, copper peptides has a lot going for it.


Summer Time Blues

Summer calls for some great books and although you might want to enjoy the latest crime novel digitally, here are some beautiful printed titles to submerge yourself in.


Ambition to Create Jeans

The jeans that Acne Studios, aka Ambition to Create Novel Expressions, are so famous for have a special place all to themselves. They call it Blå Konst.


Loud and Clear

Being the most calming and serene of colors it´s surprising how intense blue can be. We’ve paired it with brass, gold and fresh stripes for the ultimate statement.


Painting Sorrow

Somber hues for somber times. Pablo Picasso´s blue period paintings are not merely melancholy but profoundly depressed. Filled with hollow-eyed, desperate people, these paintings tell the story of the artist´s illness, long before antidepressants.


Bleu de Chanel

La Marinière by Coco Chanel helped emancipate the female body. She turned the blue stripes originating from the French Navy into a new, comfortable way of dressing.


Submerged in Glass

The sculptures of Ben Young allow us to experience the enormous depth of the ocean, and give us an idea of how much is hidden under the surface, at any given moment in life.


A Monochrome Drama

Yves Klein, artist, publicity machine and entertainer, mixed his own super-bright ultramarine blue. He covered canvases, paper, sculptures and women (!) with it. One might wonder what he would have done with today’s social media channels.


Rothko Chapel

A place for contemplation, reflection and meditation. Rothko chapel belongs to everyone, and no one.