Blossoming Neo-Noir

Zhang Ziyi as Bai Ling in 2046.
Low-key images, backlight, long shadows and silhouettes. Neo-noir has all the elements of the classic film noir genre of the 1940s. Dark, cynical and apocalyptic. Kind of like a Swedish November.

Neo-noir “new film noir” is a late follower of the classic film noir genre of the 1940s. Blade Runner, Black Widow, Cat People, The Grifters, Strange Days, Gone Girl are some amazing titles of the genre.

In the Mood for Love from 2000.

And then, there is the otherworldly work of director Wong Kar-Wai. His movies In the Mood for Love and 2046 are epic neo-noir classics by now. The two films have been waiting for its last chapter since 2004 … But now it seems it’s finally under way; Kar-Wai is working on Blossoms, and the film is meant to be the final part of the trilogy. Technically Blossoms will be a series in China first, and then a film.

Kimura Takuya as Tak and Faye Wong as Wang Jing Wen in 2046.

Blossoms will be Wong Kar Wai’s first directorial feature since 2013 with The Grandmaster. Since then he have been involved in a few smaller projects, some that haven´t materialized.

Zhang Ziyi in The Grandmasters.
Tony Chiu-Wai Leung as Chow Mo Wan in 2046.
Strong, graphic colors play an important role in Wong Kar-Wai´s films.
Gong Li as Su Li Zhen in 2046.
Scenery from 2046.
Kris Wu is one of the actors in Blossoms.